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Vacuum and Hydrogen Furnaces

Vacuum and Hydrogen Furnaces


Camco Furnace

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Camco Furnace creates automatic, batch type, reducing atmosphere, and vacuum cold wall furnaces appropriate for ceramic to metal and brazing technology. 


Hydrogen Furnace

  • Have quick and controllable process cooling.
  • Comes with standard, programmable "bubbler" which can be used for creating wet hydrogen
  • Higher dew-points can be achieved through optional heated bubblers and dewpoint monitors
  • Can easily run in any inert or reducing gas type such as argon, nitrogen, forming gas (dissociated ammonia), helium, or any combination
  • Full automatic furnace operates in hydrogen or any reducing/inert atmosphere up to 2300°C.
  • Comes with standard interior door frame with little to no deconstruction
  • Can easily and reliably ramp up to desired temperature in minutes or days based on the requirement.
  • Self-cleaning, inexpensive to run and maintain

Model G

Smallest size, tabletop Model, Front or Top Loading.

Extremely efficient and performs runs very quickly

Footprint: 39"W x 26"D x 20"H (100cm W x 66cm D x 51cm H)

  WorkZone:ø6"X10"Depth (ø15.2cmX25.4cm Depth)

Ideal for rapid prototyping or research



Model J - Custom

Extra Large / Long Chambers

Smooth ball screw or winch operated hoist

Used in brazing of traveling-wave tubes

Work Zone: Up To 80" Height @ ø18-20" (203cm H @ ø45cm-50.8cm)


Model B

Medium size Top Loading.

Footprint: 44.25"W x 28.12"D x 48"H (113cm W x 72cm D x 122cm H)

 WorkZone:ø12"X18"Depth (ø30.5cmX45.7cm Depth)

Ideal for small parts production



Model J

Hoist lifting large chamber furnace

Ergonomic lifting height.

Footprint: 54"W x 34"D x 121"H (138cm W x 87cm D x 307cm H)                                                   

WorkZone:ø18-20"X24-28"Depth (ø45-50.8cm X 61-122cm Depth)

Ideal for production of small parts production


High Vacuum Furnace

  • Simple to run and easy to program high vacuum coldwall furnaces
  • Run parts in high vacuum or partial pressure atmosphere up to 2300°C.
  • Equipped with reliable, quiet and clean Agilent turbomolecular pump.
  • Completely automatic, one button starts the run with no supervision necessary
  • All-refractory metal hot zones evacuate easily and stay clean for longer



  • Typical vacuum down to 10–7Torr range at ambient temperature. Better vacuum levels available through optional Ion or cryo pump.
  • Other options include: Additional survey thermocouples (flexible type 'K') tower indicator lights, computer controls, residual gas analyzers, combination hydrogen operation, and much more.
  • Ideal for vacuum clean firing, active metal (ABA®) brazing, and highly controlled vacuum annealing. Also suitable for other processes involving metals that react poorly when heated in gas, such as titanium or niobium. Partial pressure brazing is also an excellent option for ultra-clean brazing of metals with low vaporization points in high vacuum, such as copper.

Model G

Smallest size, tabletop Model, Front or Top Loading.

Footprint: 51"W x 26"D x 20"H (130cm W x 66cm D x 51cm H)

WorkZone:ø6"X10"Depth (ø15.2cmX25.4cm Depth)

rapid prototyping, research or small batch runs


Model J

Medium size Top Loading.

Footprint: 65"W x 28"D x 50"H(165cm W x 71cm D x 127cm H)   

WorkZone:ø12"X18"Depth (ø30.5cmX45.7cm Depth)

Ideal for expedient small part production


Model B

Medium size Top Loading.

Footprint: 65"W x 28"D x 50"H(165cm W x 71cm D x 127cm H)   WorkZone:ø12"X18"Depth (ø30.5cmX45.7cm Depth)

Ideal for expedient small part production


High Vacuum Exhaust/Bake Stations


Auto Coater

Push button solution

Comprise of rotating parts carousel, microprocessor controls and multiple sources, the system reliably and automatically coat parts with silver and chrome in one process.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.29.02 PM.png

VAC Autoloader - Fully Robotic Solutions


A fully robotic high vacuum auto-loading furnace.

Capable of processing up to five different batches up to 1200°C in high vacuum (with different heating profiles if necessary) in the same run.

Parts sit in molybdenum baskets on a revolving carousel and are loaded into the furnace chamber via robotic arm.

Completed parts return to the carousel to cool at room temperature in high vacuum chamber while the remaining parts run


450° High Vacuum Oven - For bulk out-gassing


Simple vacuum chamber (approximately the same size as G-Furnace. Majority of chamber is within the frame. Water cooled Lid.

Fully automatic pump down, heating/cooldown profile, and vent to atmosphere

Very cost effective solution for outgassing of parts not requiring high temperature


Shielded Pump and Bake Station Evacuate, Excite and Bake-out X-ray Parts

An ultra-high vacuum pump and bake station for x-ray tubes.

Large shielded box with leaded windows constructed around the manifold to allow the user to safely excite their parts during the process.

3-stage pumpdown (dry scroll pump, turbomolecular pump, and ion pump) with heating tapes everywhere to easily achieve ultra-high vacuum


Eight Element Burn-in Station - Complete QA Solution

Eight high-current feedthroughs in a high vacuum water-cooled chamber, connected to individual rack-mounted power supplies controlled by a dedicated PC.

Ability to excite and degas parts in high vacuum, while also running it through desired stress tests and normal operations